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Bushnell Farms and Three and One Farm are operated by the Bushnell family, an almond grower in Buttonwillow, California. The Bushnell family is one of many local area growers that discovered how solar power can help them reap huge savings by harvesting energy from the sun, and that it can be done affordably, too.

Quick Facts

Location: Buttonwillow, CA
Installer: AgWell Solar
Product: Osprey PowerPlatform® Solar Ground Mount System, and Suniva OPTimus PV Panels


Bushnell Farms and Three & One Farm are owned and operated by the Bushnells – a family of almond growers in Buttonwillow, CA. And like many farmers in the region, the Bushnells were increasingly impressed with the promise of solar – a clean power technology that delivers: dramatic monthly utility bill savings, protection against future rate increases, true energy independence, and measurable environmental savings.

And most important, the Bushnells knew making the transition to solar could be affordable.

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Bushnell Farms & Three and One Farm - 1 Bushnell Farms & Three and One Farm - 2 Bushnell Farms & Three and One Farm - 3 Bushnell Farms & Three and One Farm - 4

Nuance Energy Advantage: Rapid deployment with the Osprey PowerPlatform due to no geotechnical report, no skilled labor, and no heavy equipment.

The Challenge

Like many farmers throughout Central Valley, the Bushnells were caught off guard when PG&E suddenly changed its rates at the end of 2015. The utility decided to switch from an AG-ICE schedule to an AG5 plan, which essentially doubled the Bushnell’s monthly energy spending.

In just 2016 alone, total electricity expenses across both farms would increase by more than $136,000. And with grid prices trending upwards, the Bushnells knew that future years would become even more expensive. As the family begin exploring their solar options, they soon realized they could qualify for much cheaper AG4 pricing by installing photovoltaic (PV) panels. 

The Solution

AgWell Solar installed 846.3 kW of Suniva OPTimus PV panels using Nuance Energy’s Osprey PowerPlatform – a lightweight, modular ground-mounted solar racking system. The Osprey is panel agnostic, meaning it can accept any mainstream PV module technology. 

The Results

In just the first year alone, the Bushnell family saved roughly $208,000 from their clean power investment. Those savings will only continue to grow as grid prices keep trending upwards. In fact, over the 25-year warrantied lifetime of the Osprey PowerPlatform, the Bushnells expect to save over $6,524,000. Equally impressive are the environmental savings, with more than 741 tons of CO2 offset in the first year of operation alone. In lay terms, this is equivalent to removing 555 cars from the road or planting 444 trees.

Would You Like to See Similar Results?

The Bushnells’ experience is hardly unique. Solar is an infinitely scalable technology that – when combined with the Osprey PowerPlatform – offers unprecedented flexibility and control over your energy spending.

For more examples of the Osprey in action, be sure to read some of our other case studies.

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With the ten year AG-ICE rate plan coming to an end, we realized we would need an alternative plan to avoid a significant rate increase imposed by PG&E. Our decision to go solar was an easy one: after doing the math, we determined that our solar installations would reduce our utility costs by seventy-one percent. We couldn’t pass it up.

Julia Bushnell, Owner of Bushnell Farms

This is the industry's fastest procurement, permitting, and deployent of any ground based solar array!

Tommie Nellon, Unlimited Energy