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BR Samran Farms, a regional grower of almonds, grapes, and pistachios, in Madera, California, is one of many local area growers that discovered how solar power can help them reap huge savings by harvesting energy from the sun.

Quick Facts

Location: Madera, CA
Installer: AgWell Solar
Product: Osprey PowerPlatform® Solar Ground Mount System, Canadian Solar 340W Mono Modules, and Tabuchi 25kW EMVAS Inverters


Inder Samran of BR Samran Farms spent about 3 years researching solar before deciding to pull the trigger. He eventually chose AgWell Solar when a family member invited him to participate in a “Solar Alliance” energy cooperative that enabled BR Samran Farms to go solar at below-market rates. The AgWell Solar team provided in-depth analysis of on-farm energy use and recommended a system that took into account the reduction of energy use due to water efficiency improvements that Samran was planning: soil moisture sensors on every block, flow meters at every pump, variable frequency drives (VFDs), and water automation. By combining solar and water use efficiency, growers like BR Samran Ranch can maximize savings by lowering their energy use, then sizing their solar systems to offset the lower amount.

Nuance Energy Advantage:

  • Lower cost compared to competitors
  • Shorter payback period
  • BR Samran Farms - 1
  • BR Samran Farms - 2
  • BR Samran Farms - 3
  • BR Samran Farms - 4
BR Samran Farms - 1 BR Samran Farms - 2 BR Samran Farms - 3 BR Samran Farms - 4

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We did all of this because it was the right thing to do.

Inder Samran, BR Samran Farms

Some miners have realized energy savings of 10% to 40% by investing in renewable energy installations, deploying innovative energy technologies and driving towards more automated mine processes to optimize energy consumption.

Deloitte, Report on Mining Industry Trends