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Model #OSP-STD, 2x6

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industry's fastest installation time + Dramatic Cost Reductions

conventional foundation installation


days to install


Osprey PowerPlatform®


days to install

*Fully trained, 16-person crew installing the foundation, racking and modules



*Savings due to lower field labor costs, no pile driving, and no geotechnical reports
Osprey PowerPlatform®
Osprey PowerPlatform

Each Osprey PowerPlatform (patent pending) ground mount solar racking system can be installed in about an hour using a three-person crew. Installation is blazing fast with six main steel components that can be assembled using standard power hand tools. Eliminate the high cost of skilled labor and on site heavy machinery. Forget about pile-driven foundation or concrete, cement, cutting, welding or drilling. A geotechnical report or 3rd party special inspection is typically not required.

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Ground Mount Solar Racking
Installed in About An Hour



Nuance Energy’s Osprey PowerPlatform (patent pending) is a proprietary ground mount solar racking system that has revolutionized the solar industry – both in terms of cost and time.

Unlike with standard ground mount solar solutions, Osprey’s modular design eliminates:

1. Costly Excavations

The solar racking system’s earth anchor application allows for easy ground mount installation on any terrain – without pile-driven foundations, or concrete pads.

2. Expensive Machinery

You can easily assemble the Osprey PowerPlatform’s prefabricated steel components using simple handheld power tools. No heavy machinery is needed on-site, and no cutting, welding, or drilling is required.

3. Skilled Labor

The Osprey PowerPlatform eliminates the need for skilled, high-wage workers. With a 3-person crew, you can assemble a 5kW installation in about an hour, allowing you to build up to a 40kW system in a single 8-hour shift.

4. Geotechnical Reports

Real-time soil condition load testing eliminates the need for geotechnical reporting or third-party inspections.

In field labor costs alone, the Osprey PowerPlatform can shave $130,000 off a standard 2MW solar installation.

These savings aren’t the only benefit of the Osprey’s nimble design. Whether as a contractor, developer, or EPC, this robust ground mount solar racking solution can help you bring projects online in a fraction of the time.

Whereas a 2MW installation would normally take months to become fully operational, the Osprey PowerPlatform allows you to have the foundations, racking and modules installed in 16 days.

  • Geotechnical outsourcing
  • Inspections and permits
  • Supply chain management/logistics
  • Procurement delays
  • Engineering
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Earth Anchors & Structural Engineering

Real-time soil verification and load (pull) test is achieved through proprietary use of earth anchors that act like underground toggle bolts to secure the Osprey PowerPlatform to the ground.

In situations where frost lines are a concern, the earth anchors can be driven below the frost line.

A site specific Structural Calculation and Engineering Report complete with vertical and lateral analysis (dead load, live load, wind load and seismic load, etc.) is provided.

Our structural engineers are available to speak with your local inspectors.

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The earth anchor provides a reliable alternative to traditional anchorage methods at a fraction of the cost, and has additional benefits not typically provided by other foundation options.

Matthew B. Gilliss, P.E., LEED AP, Engineered Power Solutions


Key Specifications
  • Average installation time: is 58 minutes with a 3-person crew
  • Average labor cost: is $0.0125/watt installed
  • Each unit holds as many as 16 panels
  • Total power output per unit up to 6kW
  • Panel technology neutral – UL 2703 Compliant
  • Wind loads <150 mph and snow loads <90+ psf, CPP tested
  • 25-year “bumper to bumper” warranty protection
  • Fixed tilt orientation (15° to 35°)
  • Independent power adjustable legs
  • Engineered for sloped terrain (up to 12°)
  • Custom engineering for sloped terrain (up to 23°)
  • Galvanized (G90) steel finish (standard); other options available
  • Self-bonding mid clamps
  • Tamper-proof module fasteners (optional)
  • Easy wire management
  • Ideal for mounting string inverters
  • Nuance Energy ETL
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Applications and Uses

Regardless of your unique solar requirements, the Osprey PowerPlatform is ideal for a wide range of renewable energy applications, including:

  • Small utility-scale solar
  • Commercial & industrial PV
  • Community solar farms
  • Energy storage and off-grid PV
  • Landfill and brownfield solar
  • Global mining operations
  • Agriculture and rural residential
  • Emergency and disaster relief

To learn more about this revolutionary solar ground mount technology, contact Nuance Energy for a free consultation.

You hit a homerun with this product!

Jack Ramsey, CEO, Altsys Solar