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Solar for Global Mining

Global mining operations have enormous energy requirements, and powering each project is incredibly costly, especially for off-grid applications in remote locations. In addition to purchasing the requisite power, mining teams must also transport this energy to the site itself.

With solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, it’s possible to generate clean, renewable the energy on-site – for a fraction of the cost. This approach can also eliminate fuel transportation expenses completely.

In fact, going solar can reduce a mining operation’s energy spending by up to 40% or more. This alone makes harnessing sunshine an easy decision.

Cost reduction is one of many benefits.

Why Every Mine Should Go Solar

Below are some additional advantages of generating clean solar power on-site:

  • Portability: Lift & Shift™ 
    Energy requirements become location-independent. Future mining sites are no longer limited to areas with easy access to waterways, power plants, or existing utility grids. With Lift & Shift portability of the Osprey PowerPlatform, you can move your renewable energy capital asset from dig to dig.
  • Sustainability 
    By powering more operations with sustainable technologies like solar energy, it’s possible to reduce the lifetime carbon footprint for each project. Now you can generate fewer greenhouse gases on-site, but and you also enjoy additional environmental savings by not having to transport as much fossil fuel.
  • Profitability 
    Greening your operations can attract even more potential business. This is because vendors, suppliers, investors, and customers increasingly prefer working with environmentally responsible stakeholders.
  • Wellness 
    Going solar also offers important health benefits. Many facilities rely heavily on diesel and other dirty polluting forms of energy. While it’s not always possible to cover all of your energy requirements with clean sunshine, each additional kilowatt of solar power reduces exposure to harmful pollutants is reduced.
  • Reliability 
    Powering operations with solar energy shields your customers from grid outages, demand charges, and peak pricing. This is especially true if you install on-site battery storage. Teams can work longer shifts – independent of local grid conditions.
Why Go Solar with Nuance Energy

The above benefits of switching to solar exist regardless of how you scale the mine’s solar capacity. This is because PV panels are an infinitely scalable technology that can:

  • Dramatically reduce costs
  • Help protect the environment
  • Promote better health and safety

But with Nuance Energy, it’s possible to amplify these benefits thanks to our Lift & Shift™ solar deployment.

Central to this unique approach is the Osprey PowerPlatform® – a portable ground-mounted racking system that allows you to easily relocate the renewable energy asset wherever it is needed most. Regardless of your PV system’s size, you can quickly erect, dismantle, and move the panels quickly – at minimal cost.

Additional benefits of this proprietary racking technology include:

  • Unmatched Speed
    With only a 4-person crew, you can assemble (or disassemble) a 5kW PV system in close to an hour.
  • Unlimited Scalability
    Whether you need 1 solar panel or thousands, Osprey’s modular design allows you to install as little or as much capacity as you require.
  • Unparalleled Safety
    All Osprey components come prefabricated, removing the need to use heavy or dangerous machinery.
  • Unbelievable Savings
    Unlike traditional ground-mount systems, the Osprey eliminates the need for heavy equipment, skilled labor, concrete, and ground screws, which can dramatically impact your bottom line.
Osprey PowerPlatform for Your Mining Operations

Mining is a resource-intensive industry in which cost overruns and health concerns are common. But with Osprey’s technology under the hood, mining becomes greener, safer, and more cost effective. As a result, you’re able to extract even greater value from each project.

To begin taking advantage of these benefits, let us provide a quote for your next project.

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Some miners have realized energy savings of 10% to 40% by investing in renewable energy installations, deploying innovative energy technologies and driving towards more automated mine processes to optimize energy consumption.

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